House Rules

  1. Please bring your own sheets and towels.  There are 5 Queen beds.
  2. You must bring your own supplies – this includes toilet paper and food.  It’s hard to get groceries on the island so you need to plan ahead.  The Co-op at the north end of the island has some food but not enough to feed you for a week. 
  3. The tap water is filtered and is good for cooking, washing and cleaning your teeth.  Drinking quality cannot be guaranteed.   There is a water cooler with one extra bottle of water available in the Cabana.  If you need another bottle, please return the empty bottle to the Co-op and purchase another.  You are responsible for leaving one full water cooler bottle upon departure.
  4. Be respectful of the neighbours – keep the noise and music at appropriate levels.
  5. The Cabana is on a septic system so please limit the amount of toilet paper used.  Do not flush any baby wipes or feminine hygiene products.
  6. At the end of your stay you must remove all trash.  The transfer station is located south of the winery pavilion.
  7. Leave the Cabana as you found it.  Clean up after yourself.  It should look the same as the day you arrived.
  8. No pets allowed.
  9. No smoking in the Cabana.
  10. Please do not leave any leftover food.
  11. If you choose to have a fire make sure it’s put out completely before going to bed.
  12. Rain often comes in fast, so make sure the doors, skylights and windows are closed when leaving the Cabana.
  13. Pull everything off the beach in advance of storms and each evening as waves can come quickly.
  14. Although you will find fire wood on the property this is not for renters use, as it belongs to the owner. More firewood can be purchased on Harris Garno Road.
  15. Leave the shed and crawl space doors closed so you don’t get extra roommates.
  16. The cleaning of fish and/or wild game is not permitted in the Cabana.
  17. Only run the dishwasher if it’s full.  Make sure nothing is left in the dishwasher.
  18. You’re on a small island where you’ll meet lots of friendly people.  Don’t forget to wave!

NOTE:  A damage deposit, in addition to the rental charge, must be paid upon booking.  Damage deposits will not be returned when deemed by the owner/property manager.   Respect the property; leave it the way you found it and you’ll have your damage deposit returned.